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From Dieu Tri

We arrange VNR ticket.

As we have been troubled by joking inquiries that we decided to charge in advance.
Based on our long term experience, we can issue ticket for 90% of orders, but cannot promise 100% available.

Please consider to make your schedule at least 40 days in advance as far as possible, though we receive order just 1 day before the departure.

OUR TICKETING POLICY: Regular Domestic train

  • Please make paypal full payment in advance.
    • In case we cannot take bed/seat for you, we refund you.
  • This service charge higher than simple ticket price.We must use our staff for picking up and delivery tickets. We must burden paypal transaction fee. We must feed our offices both in Japan and Vietnam. All the price reflect our cost. If you cannot agree with our price, please go to the station by yourself, and buy ticket at counter.
  • All the ticket price is decided based on airconditioned soft bed lowest berth price.
    • Normally we arrange air conditioned soft bed.
    • We adjust fair only when we reserve soft seat or under.
      • Soft bed and hard bed price different only few dollars. Please understand.
    • In case we cannot arrange soft bed, we try to arrange hard bed, and soft seat.
    • If we cannot arrange your desiring train, we ask your intention by mail.
  • Delivery to your hotel in Vietnam by VN Post domestic EMS service. In Hanoi and HCMC, we might use our staff for hand carry but also in that case we charge the EMS fee.
    • If you have no hotel reservation, please reserve with us. We reserve hotel for you.
    • Never pick up at our office, because we know you cannot come to our address. We had accepted picking up orders, but too many troubles.
    • Please stay in Hanoi or HCMC at least one night for ticket delivery. We do not suggest youmake hard schedule in Vietnam.

OUR TICKETING POLICY: International train to China

  • We can make reservation in advance.
  • Chinese Visa confirmation is required before issuring ticket.
  • We send our staff to your hotel for picking up your passport.
  • If you need to arrange Chinese visa, please contact us.
    • Japanese, Korean and some Chinese visa waived passenger must show your air ticket from China to confirm s/he meets the visa waiver condition.

OUR TICKETING POLICY: Domestic Tour train

  • Tour trains are operated by each tourist service company.
  • Price is different from regular train.
  • In some cases passengers must stay at specified hotel. In such cases, we ask you place reservation to the hotel through us.

Legal Basis
  • For Japan residence, Japanese travel law (Tehai ryokou) is applied.
  • For non-Japan residence, Vietnamese related law is applied.
  • In any cases, no compensation exist for accidents, delay, and any incident during the trip.
  • Please subscribe tourist insurance in your country.


In case you cannot get hotel from affiliated reservation services in any reason, please contact saigonhotel.com from left "Contact us". We will try to find some HOTEL not hostel by phone call from Hanoi/Saigon,

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Hue - Dieu Tri one way

Hue - Dieu Tri one way

Price includes our handling charge per ticket.

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Saigon - Dieu Tri one way

Saigon - Dieu Tri one way

Price includes our handling charge per ticket.

... more info

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