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Shipping & Returns

About Delivery

Normally we send to your hotel in Vietnam by Registered Expressmail Service.
If you do not had your hotel yet, please reserve with us.

If send materials from Vietnam to foireign countries, it takes a long time and we do not take the risk of loss nor non arrival. We prefer to send materials to hotels in Vietnam.

Even in this condition, if you want to ask us to send the ticket oversea, we might use DHL or other courier service, which is trustable.
In that cases, please place order normal as domestick delivery, and please contact us.
We must add international mailing fee.

Refund & Cancellaration
We never handle refund in any cases.
Please visit to the operator by yourself, and ask refund at the counter. Also refundable amount is based on their policy.

Cancellaration after order
After issuring tickets, We cannot cancel your order.
On Weekdays, we arrange tickets on the same day. Please consider your plan, and please do not cause any change in the schedule.
For more detail, please read "Conditions of Use".
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